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Plato on-line


Would you believe this next artwork was created using MS Excel?

techhive-sakuracastle-100040162-largeA 73-year-old Japanese artist named Tatsuo Horiuchi has a different opinion of Microsoft Excel than most. Where others see it as a way of keeping tabs on the budget, Horiuchi sees it as a medium for art.

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Van Gogh’s ‘Photoshopped’ Self-Portrait

Incredible Rendering Brings Van Gogh’s Famous Self-Portrait to Life




Self-Portrait, September 1889, (F 627), Oil on...

Self-Portrait, September 1889, (F 627), Oil on canvas, 65 cm × 54 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This stunning recreation was done by Tadao Cern, an architect and photographer from Lithuania. On his personal site, Cern also gave the project a funny backstory


Amazing Finger Portraits

I tried creating one on my own thumb but the position is so awkward that my wrist cramped! How do artists create them position-wise?


‘Finger painting is sooo 20th Century. This millennium, it’s all about the finger portrait — at least according to the Italian artist named Dito Von Tease.

‘Also known as Il Dito (“The Finger” in Italian), Von Tease has revolutionized the traditional avatar by snapping a pic of his naked finger before digitally dolling it up with characteristics of world leaders and pop-culture personalities…’